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WeCover HK, established in 2015, excels in designing and constructing innovative free-form tents as well as traditional marquees. Our versatile tent systems can transform any location—be it a sports field, an unused space at a venue, or an outdoor area of a restaurant or hotel—into a vibrant event setting.​ Despite facing significant challenges, including the global pandemic, WeCover HK has not only persisted but thrived, proving our reliability and resilience as a partner. 


Our ability to continue operating effectively during such tumultuous times, even now in 2024, demonstrates our unwavering commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. This resilience underscores our role as a dependable provider in the industry, ready to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients, even in the most demanding circumstances.

We can provide design and build by one floor plan. Our Free-form stretch tent system can provide unique structure for your event. ​

  • Our Tent materials "TentFlex FX" complies with BS standard. And can provide RSE calculation/Safety service for all public Event. 

  • Flexible fixing and support system (Sail level) are using high grade ropes and accessories for every installation.​

For any outdoor event, simply pick up the phone and give us a call at +852 6307 3744,

or send us an email:

Our team at WeCover HK is ready to fully satisfy your needs with expert precision and personalized service!


Products Design and
Engineering Support

Ignis products

Our professional staff can handle every aspect of your project including conceptualization, site selection, floor plans, structural design, budget cost analysis, permitting processes, and construction management.

 The studio specializes in providing consultancy service rooted in design research


Stretch Tent Professional Maker 
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